Daily Archives: May 10, 2010

Ride cut short by strong winds

I had planned to go out for an hour and a half after work today. That didn’t happen though. Even though it was windy when I left the house, I thought it would either die down or that if it was a headwind I could just lean into it.

Unfortunately, the wind was gusting out of the northwest which meant a nasty front quarter wind. On the way north, the wind was trying to blow me off the road — which is much better than being blown into traffic. The constantly changing wind speeds were dangerous and I modified my route to take a lightly travelled back road home instead of my normal route.  I was back home about 45 minutes after I left,. I was glad to be safe and sound and out of the wind.

I should feel fortunate to have gotten in a ride at all since there is a storm moving into Colorado over the next 24-36 hours that is predicted to drop 2-3 FEET of snow in the foothills just west of our farm. We won’t get quite that much (I hope!) but I’m sure the roads are going to be impassable for a few days. So much for hitting it hard in May!