Day 28 – Sioux Falls, SD – Rest Day

Sioux Falls, SD is no Boise, ID ! When we had a rest day in Boise there was a nice downtown area and lots of haded streets to walk down. There were interesting things to see on just about every street corner and their bike paths offered folks a nice short “recovery” option. The part of Sioux Falls where our hotel is  is a concrete slab. Period. There are several shopping malls within walking distance — and anyone who know me knows that I LOVE shopping…NOT! Not sure if I’ll be able to find any interesting photos to share, but I’ll try this afternoon.

A few of us did laundry this morning — AGAIN. I tell you I’m a washing fool!

I’m about to get a massage — YAHOO! Beth (from Boulder) arranged it and there are three of us who signed. Some other folks went off site to get one so there’s probably 10-15% of us getting worked on today. Some other folks are taking in a movie but pretty much everyone is kicking back. I don’t have any serious issues, but I thought it might help my left calf and given the long rides and head winds we’re facing this coming week, I may need all the help I can get! Hope this gal knows her stuff!  It will be awful if I end up in worse shape than before the massage.

It rained here some last night — I crashed about 9pm but some of the other riders said there was quite a lightning storm and a good amount of wind. The skies were very dark and the clouds looked like they were boiling as we walked back from dinner — so I’m not surprised by what they said.