Daily Archives: October 1, 2010

Stole a ride home

Garmin Data: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/51298759

Left work early so I could ride Scooter home and arrive before dark. Felt like I was stealing a ride. Now that it is OCTOBER, I normally wouldn’t even consider riding to/from work. But, the temperatures have been so summer-like and I have to go in tomorrow anyway to finish a few things up. So, all in all, a good trade-off. Will work a little longer tomorrow than I originally planned but I will have been able to ride an extra 70 miles!!! 😉

Riding home tonight I came upon a scene of an accident. There were a couple of police cars and a fire truck. I didn’t see any other cars around — but there was a bicycle leaning up against the side of the fire truck with no rider in sight. It didn’t look mangled at all — so although I fear the bicycle was part of the accident — I”m hopeful that no one was seriously injured. It was just another reminder for me about how important it is to stay 100% focused on safety as I ride. …. and I do. Today I had my rear red-blinky light on, I wore a reflective vest about 30 minutes before sundown, I turned on my headlight too — just to be more visible to on-coming traffic. Commuting by bike is not like taking a Sunday drive. It is serious business — fun, but serious.