Daily Archives: December 5, 2010

Winter Cycling Shoes make a difference

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Today’s weather was cold. When I decided to go out for a ride it was 35-40 degrees F. Normally I would pass or go to the velodrome, but today I was excited at the prospect of riding and getting a chance to try out my new Shimano winter cycling shoes. I’ve only had them a couple of days. With manure spreading behind us for the year, I knew it was only a matter of time before I could try them out. Today was the day!

I do think they made a difference. Were my feet warm. No, not really. But, they weren’t Popsicles either and they would have been had I worn my regular cycling shoes with the insulated bootie covers. One reason the Shimano winter shoes are warmer is that the cleat attachment is sealed. No air (or moisture) gets in thru the sole of the shoe. The shoe itself is also insulated and there is a nice high ankle cuff that seals out the cold too. All in all, I was pleased with the shoe. Today I wore two pair of socks — a summer weight cycling sock under a ragg wool sock. You should know that I wear ragg wool socks 365 days a year….when I’m not riding across the country, that is, so it is my sock of choice. I think I need to find a thin, wool or silk liner sock to wear under the ragg wool sock. My feet did sweat a little and I think that’s what caused them to get cold. If I had a better wicking sock next to my foot that might not be as big an issue.

This picture gives you a good idea of today — overcast, gray and COLD. Luckily, there was only a light breeze (out of the north and/or the east). I only saw two other cyclists the entire time I was out. During the summer, I usually see between 10-20 on this route. The two riders I saw today were as bundled up as I was — and they looked COLD too.

The cockpit now has a light mounted on the left side. I did use this as I returned home. It was about 3:45pm but there was a flat light and with the clouds it was actually kinda dark out.

There was ice on the small bodies of water — probably was totally frozen until a few days ago when we had three really nice warm days in a row. Too bad I was spreading manure!

The bears at this water fountain (dry now….) have been decked out in festive, seasonal attire. I love this sculpture and almost always use this as a short rest stop. Something about them always makes me smile.