Another one-way ride – Home to LGS

Garmin Data: (partial because the battery was low when I started out – UGH!)

For me, a one way ride means I don’t have to fret as much about weather or having enough “gas in the tank” for a return trip. So, since my partner, Beth, and I had plans in Denver Friday night, I planned ahead and dropped off  a change of clothes, my shower stuff and an extra lunch on Thursday.

I also checked out the computer Thursday evening. The Aviation Weather Report and Forecast website I use ( indicated a 12-15 mph wind out of the south/southeast for Friday morning – building as the morning wore on. I usually get an early so I wasn’t too worried. However, last night I was at an Avalanche hockey game with my co-workers and didn’t get home until quite late. I set my alarm and woke up this morning just before it was to go off at 5:45 a m. My head felt “thick” — clearly I needed a bit more rest, so I turned over and went back to sleep. I awoke again around 7 am, feeling more rested, but still a bit fatigued. No matter, I got up and tried to decide whether or not to ride. I was certainly leaning towards riding — mostly because that’s what the plan was. Having one car down in Denver this evening is far better than having to deal with two of them. It was breezy out but nothing too scary. I went ahead and got ready to ride. I drank a glass of Cytomax Pre-formance beverage instead of my normal protein drink since I seem to be able to ride pretty well right after drinking it. Scooter and I took off a few minutes after 8 a.m.  OMG! I don’t remember every leaving so late by bicycle. And, I wasn’t even half-way down my street before I started second guessing my decision to ride. I was heading right into a brisk headwind. Sheesh. It wasn’t so bad that I had to really lean into each pedal stroke, but there was no mistaking the fact that it was a headwind. At least is wasn’t cold out — or raining — or snowing. 

The chat with myself was short, and my only argument was that I was already dressed for riding…in fact I was already RIDING — so I told myself, in a light humored sort of way, “Shut up and Pedal!” Once that was settled, Scooter and I just got down to business. I took the shortest route possible – the County Line Rd route that has almost no shoulder to ride on. I figured since I was heading in so late, I might have already missed rush hour on that stretch. And, I suppose I did, but the big 18-wheeler dump trucks were still represented in good numbers. I have no idea why there are also a bunch of big, wide trucks on that road. One of these days I’ll have to follow one of those trucks to see where they’re going (or coming from).

I arrived at work in time to shower and get to my desk before everyone else took off for lunch. All said and done, I enjoyed my ride in and was glad we did it. And, if the weather the rest of the month goes to hell, I’ve already got an April commute under my belt. Something tells me I’ll have many more this month.  Hope everyone else is starting to get out and ride now too — don’t let a little wind or weather get in your way. Just RIDE!