Day 4 – Georgetown to Copper Mountain

Another early morning. After load breakfast was served in the lobby of the hotel. No one was sure whether the water was drinkable or not. I saw people drinking the orange juice… I steered clear of it. I had oatmeal whick I know is a good fuel for me.

A quick look down as we rode up towards the Georgetown Loop railroad station and you could see the wild spring runoff. There was more water than I can ever remember seeing — and in July!

Beth and I took up our spot at the rear of the group. Leo, David and Sara rode with us. It was a perfect morning. The route is one I have ridden numerous timesl. It is probably our favoirte  training route so I felt I could ride it in my sleep. Well, I take that back – today was going to be a bit different. We took the brand new bike path from the Bakersville exit up to the Loveland Ski area.

It was almost beyond words. The path was brand new last fall and we weren’t sure it would be open for our tour. The last half mile still had three feet of snow on it and was impassable two weeks before we started out. Glad it was open because it was a highlight for me. Peaceful, quiet, and full of forest smells and little critters. Ahhhh…

The river was roaring as we rode up the frontage road to the exit and when we got there, Nancy was waiting with a wonderful SAG stop. Overhead we heard the Flight For Life helicopter and several emergency vehicles headed into the back country with their lights on and sirens going. I thought of our group and how we stress safety and being alert. Everyone has taken that message very seriously and so far, it has paid off.

Leo, Don and I headed up the bike path together.  This path is brand new and it only recently opened for the year. The last half mile of the trail was under three feet of snow just a couple weeks ago. Today, it was clear all the way to the end. It was the most pleasant 5 miles I’ve ridden in a long time. The smell of pine trees and moss were delicious. I love that smell. I almost stopped and set up a tent!

When we popped out the end of the trail we were just a short distance from the Loveland Ski area and our second SAG stop.  While finding a little privacy I came across a bullet. Of course, I picked it up and gave it to Leo. Beth found some more. A photo of us “biting the bullet” before we took on Loveland Pass was in order. We all put the bullets between our teeth and took the shot. Too funny! Tom informed us that the bullets were from a 22 something-or-other long something-or-other rifle.

Next up was the 4-mile climb up Loveland. Unfortunately, this will have to wait. I have to go pack now.  More later….