Packing List

This is a work in progress. I am soliciting input from several folks who have done similar tours in the past. Everyone says they over pack and end up mailing a bunch of stuff home once they are on the road for a while. I expect this to be true for me as well.

Since the tour starts in the Pacific Northwest in June the weather could be cool/cold in the mornings and I plan to bring some long cycling tights and some warmer upper layers. As the tour moves east and the calendar advances into July, the cooler temperatures are less likely and I suspect I will send those items home (with Beth if she meets up with me in Wyoming!).

There are a few things I still need to resolve regarding Scooter. I need to evaluate the wheels and the tires and decide if they are “tough” enough to make the trip, and easy enough for the mechanics to work on should I need help truing them or replacing a spoke. I’ve heard that Specialized Armadillos tires are great for tours because they wear like iron. Although, I consider myself a careful rider and generally don’t have wheel/tire problems — I want to make sure I make a choice that will give me the best chance of sucess (with minimal hassle!).

As for Bike tools, Mike Munk suggests the following:
3,4,5,6 Allen wrenches
flat & phillips head screwdrivers (I think my bike light is the only thing with a screw)
wrenches to fit any bolts (not sure I have any bolts on my bike)
chain break tool  (this is part of my 1000 in 1 tool)
spoke wrench (I need to figure out the whole spoke/truing thing)
2 spare tubes
1 patch kit,  with “fresh” glue
tire irons and a tweezer
tire boot

Bike Tools and Gear:

  • Several extra bladed spokes, spoke nipples and special spoke adjusting tools
  • extra small allen bolts (for things like water bottle cages)
  • Special seat post adapter to allow Scooter to be put into a bike stand vice
  • Under-saddle and small handlebar bags
  • Garmin bike computer & charging cable
  • Heart rate monitor & watch
  • Vetta bike computer
  • bike / helmet rear view mirror
  • chain lube / cleaner
  • bike pump, co2 cartridges & dispenser
  • tire irons & tweezer (per Mike Munk’s list above!)
  • Topek 1,000 in 1 (ok, maybe a 20-in-1) tool (has chain-break tool)
  • extra tubes (4) and 1 patch kit
  • tire boot (per Leo Anderson design)
  • Camelback water bottles (2-4)
  • Route holder/front bag with notepad & pen
    Yes,  pen & paper are old fashioned, but appropriate for jotting down thing en route
    else, perhaps a compact voice recorder but given my poor spelling, jotting down will be best.
  • lock and thin cable (only keeps honest people from doing something stupid in a weak moment…)

Riding Clothing:

  • Helmet !!!
  • under-helmet skull caps (2)
  • sunglasses (1-2 pair)
  • fingerless bike gloves (2 pair)
  • SPD compatible, easy to walk in,  bike shoes (1 pair)
  • 3-4 short sleeve cycling 3-pocket jerseys
  • 2 pair “Cool Wings” (to wear with the short sleeve jersey’s – for sun protection)
  • 6 pair bike shorts
  • lightweight nylon tights (I have an ancient pair I love but they keep falling down!!)
  • vest
  • wind/rain  jacket & pants
  • long wind/rain pants (should I go without?)
  • “Golite” super-lightweight (4 oz) wind shirt
  • 4-5 pair short, cycling socks
  • ? leg and arm warmers ?

Cool weather Riding Clothing

  • mid-weight long tights  (1)
  • “Golite” silk base-layer shirt (1)
  • long-fingered gloves (Pearlizumi gloves with nylong “lobster claw” covers)
  • “Turtle Fur” skull cap
  • Toe covers – light weight or heavier ones?

Riding Food:

  • Cytomax Performance (in  pre-portioned baggies)
  • Cytomax Recovery (in pre-portioned baggies)
  • Shot Blocks

Off-Bike  Clothing:

  • 1 pair – Lightweight long pants
  • 1 pair – day shorts
  • 1 – long sleeve sun-protection shirt
  • 2 – t-shirts
  • 1 pair – sandals (Shimano bike)
  • 1 pair sneakers (maybe)
  • 2-3 pair underpants
  • 3-4 bras
  • 1 pair rag wool socks
    (I usually wear these 365 days a year…gotta have some with me!)
  • swimsuit (for hot tubs or hotel pools on hot days)


  • “Golite” day pack
  • Sunblock
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, floss, shampoo, powder, deoderant, “citrus magic”,  comb, razor, lotion)
  • Camera – extra battery, extra memory cards, computer connection cable and download dongle
  • Sunglasses (biking and non-biking pair)
  • cell phone & USB and wall charger
  • iPod with charger
  • Laptop Computer with charger and internet cable
  • thumbdrive