You can find the route on the company’s website. America By Bicycle (ABBike) runs this tour every year — or at least they have for the last few and are doing it again for me in 2010. They have quite a bit of information about this “Across America – North”  tour and others on their website,

The tour leader, Mike Munk, has posted a journal during the last couple of tours. Before I even knew that I’d end up signing on to the 2010 tour, I was following the 2009 tour on a weekly basis! Mike did a fantastic job chronicling the tours on his website, The “Across America – North” tour is at  His entries are well written, engaing and informative.  He also has a wonderful page on his website that offers cross country tips — which I have also read a handful of times.

A wonderful account of the 2009 tour is a blog by Pat Rolstad, She doesn’t know me, or even know that I’ve read her blog (several times!) but her journal has given me a very good idea of what to expect — physically, mentally and even emotionally.  I also have to give Pat credit for getting me connected with Word Press. When I saw her blog it gave me the idea to start mine and do it while on the trip. Thanks Pat!

And, one last resource. I found ‘tashaw’s MapMyRide entries and they seem to follow Mike Munk’s journal entries but they only go for about a week or so. Don’t know if ABBike takes the same exact route each year, but  even if they don’t, it will be at least in the right area most of the time!