Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

One Way Ride – Almost Didn’t Happen

Was chilly and windy. Went back in the house and started to change into my Farm clothes to help feed the ponies. Stopped. Had a quick chat with myself; put my cycling garb back on and headed out.

Beth and I were heading to the last Colorado Mammoth game tonight so she was going to drive my car down later in the day and pick me up. But, if I wimped out, I could drive down like normal and then she’d just drive her 4-Runner down instead.  We both prefer to have one car when we go to Denver, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that we’d taken two cars as far as LGS.

Ended up that I rode and enjoyed myself almost as soon as I headed out. Getting the first few pedals in is often the hardest. Stepping outside into a chilly morning always makes me question my decision to ride. I have yet to regret heading out though. Even the one time I ended up calling Beth (and the whippets) for a rescue pick-up. I would have liked to continue that day, it just wasn’t safe.

Glad I did. Had a nice ride with helpful north and west winds.  More later.