Monthly Archives: October 2010

with Yoga on the side

This is not a ride entry, but a quick note to mark when I started adding Yoga into my training program. Beth Laber (a friend I met on the America By Bicycle ( cross country ride) introduced me to it the day we went mountain biking. After our ride, we attended a CorePower Yoga class in Boulder. It was interesting. I felt a little ‘out-of-balance’ and a bit like a fish out of water since I was unfamiliar with Yoga poses/positions and had a tough time following the terminology. But, my body felt better and I found it, suprisingly, relaxing.

I went 3 more times during the next week (to the CorePower Yoga at 144th & Lowell Blvd in Broomfield) as part of a 7-day free trial. I got more comfortable with each session and recognized how the core strengthening exercises and flexibility work compliments my cycling. The classes are done in a warm (…to hot) workout studio and at times during the workout the sweat is literally running off me. When the hour is over, my T-shirt is drenched and weighs a couple pounds more than when we started. I’m sure all the sweating is having a nice cleansing effect on my body. I know I drink a ton of water afterwards!

My plan is to continue with the yoga through the winter and see if it helps me start out strong in the spring. I’ll need to be fit again next year for the ABB Colorado Reunion ride that we’re planning for the end of June/early July.