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A Slightly Bigger Wisconsin Loop

Garmin Data:

This morning I spent time with Jim in the garden harvesting cucumbers (for his “world-famous pickles”) and apples and potatoes for dinner tonight and tomorrow. Jim’s garden is absolutely incredible — all of it kept incredibly neat and weed-free and the plants are all hardy and healthy. The fact that Jim is a master gardener and obviously loves his plants is, no doubt, a big reason his gardens are worthy of  a being a vactation destination. After we had our mini-harvs est, we returned to the house and made three pies and got the potatoes cleaned up for tonight. All this before lunch!

After lunch, Scooter and I headed out to explore the area again. This time, we followed a route I found on Map My Ride. Turns out Jim lives right on Red Cedar Lake — which I did not realize when I selected this route!

The conditions were perfect again today. It was slightly more humid, but nothing like when we came through here on the cross country ride. There was also a wind, more than a breeze but not gale force, coming out of the south/southwest. I really lucked out because Jim lives at the north end of the lake so I got to ride into the headwind first and finish up with a tailwind. The route was rolling and winding. The first part followed the shoreline closely and I could see the lake through the trees. It was nice to roll along with the scenery to distract me from any effort it was taking to cover the miles.

As I was cruising through the twists and turns, I came around one blind turn and there about 30 feet above and directly in front of me, was an adult bald eagle. It literally took my breath away. I watched it circle slowly above me and move off to the right towards the lake. There wasn’t time to get my camera out — but I sure wish there was. It was incredible!!!!