Monthly Archives: November 2010

Farm chores like nice weather too!

At this time of the year, I’ll take whatever time I can get on a bike. And, I’ll take it indoors at the velodrome or outdoors if the weather is nice enough.  However, lately, it has been too nice to ride. You’re probably a bit confused by that statement. Well, when I’m not riding Scooter or my track bike, I’m usually doing some farm chore or maintenance activity. That’s what happened this past week when the weather got nice. My Dad and I spent three full days spreading our farm’s mountain of manure. It is an annual event that takes place either spring or fall. This year, I was training during the spring and we had lots of moisture so no manure got spread then. So, this fall we really had not choice. Our fall was gorgeous. Warm and dry. We kept putting of spreading the manure because the pastures were still growing! It has only been a few weeks since the temperatures finally dropped below freezing regularly at night and we’ve yet to have our first real snow storm.

It was hard to be outdoors, leaning on a rake or driving the spreader around the pasture thinking that I could be out riding. No wind to speak of and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. Factor in some nice, bright sun and clear skies — ahhhhh — perfect riding weather. Ahhhhhh, perfect manure spreading weather! DRAT!

Since I share my riding pictures, I thought I’d let you see the other side of Sandy. No Scooter in these — he doesn’t like to get his tires dirty!