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Thanksgivings Day weekend

Garmin Data:

In Colorado you never know what kind of weather you’ll have over the Thanksgivings Day weekend. Some years there are several inches or feet of snow to contend with. Other years, it will be so mild you can go have a nice game of touch football in the back yard wearing only a light jacket. Personally I always enjoy the milder years more. This year we were kinda in between the two. Thanksgivings Day itself was cold and a bit gray. We spent the day with friends so it really didn’t matter. On Friday, it was chilly, but warm enough to go for a short ride.

Took one of my standard routes. On the way back, I detoured to stop in at my folks house and pick up their newspaper and mail. Chores like that are always more fun when done on a bicycle!

Here are a few photos – you can see the ice along the edges of the irrigation ditch.

Beautiful clear day. I brought my wind/temperature gauge with me. When I stopped to take this picture of the mountains it was 55 degrees F and calm.