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A Shadow Makes All the Difference

Garmin Data:

Today was much warmer than last weekend and the sun even came out a few times. When it did, it was actually comfortable. I picked the direction of the route and Dave picked which “options” we rode. When I pointed out the left turn that would have taken us up to the Carter Lake dam, Dave said “I don’t think so.” So we continued on straight on Hwy 56 towards Loveland. Dave said “Yes” to the next turn though, so we went west past the big Quonset hut arena and up behind the Hogsback. Today I experimented on the hill (about 1/2 mile) that takes you to the top before we disappeared behind the Hogsback. On the approach, I set my pace for 10.5 mph. My heartrate was just under 100. As the climb started, I maintained the 10.5 mph. The grade increased as did my heartrate.  Towards the top, the grade was 7-8%. I dropped one gear, but held my speed. My heartrate topped out at 163 bpm. It was interesting to experience and a fun diversion. 

Dave was dressed more appropriately today. He wore a pair of over-pants that provided a bit of warmth and blocked the wind too. He also had a light jacket on which also protected him from the wind. I’m sure he was a bit too warm on the climbs, but I know that overall he was MUCH more comfortable today than last weekend! See how happy he looks today?

Boy what a different it makes when the sun is out in Colorado. When it is out, the radiant heat kept us comfortably warm. As soon as the sun went behind the clouds we immediately felt the loss of that heat and got chilled within a minute or two. There was no sun during the last third of our ride and there was also a slight head-breeze. It was jsut amazing how much colder we were on that stretch.

I had Dave stand with the bears for a photo. I never tire of stopping at this fountain. It looks different in every season. The Christmas wreaths are gone now and the lower pool is a sheet of ice. But, the bears are as happy and playful as ever. They always make me smile. Yeah, Dave does too.

Longs and Meeker peaks were snow covered and looking pretty spectacular so I snapped a photo after climbing the hill that Dave and I love to hate. It used to be worse because the road edge was all crumbly and the road surface was chip sealed. Now, it is all freshly paved. Now the grade and the fact that it comes so late in our ride are the only reasons to hate the hill. That’s certainly reason enough for us!  Anyway, here’s the shot of the twin peaks.

And, I asked Dave to take one of me, just to prove Scooter and I were along for the ride.