Monthly Archives: January 2011

Dave almost froze, but with a smile on his face

Garmin Data:

My handy-dandy wind meter / thermometer said it was in the 30’s and the windchill dipped into the 20’s. That didn’t stop Dave from calling me up and proposing a bike ride! He must’ve known I’d say “Yes!”, right? Luckily, the winds were light. We headed south and took our time warming up. Well, actually, I”m not sure either of us really “warmed-up.” I know that I was more comfortable than Dave was. He had on one layer less than I did on top and I think all he had on over his bike shorts was a thin pair of tights. Not winter-weight tights — just light-weight nylon tights! Brrrrrrr. 

Here’s a photo of Dave’s “cycling” shoe. I think he only has a thin sock on too. Double Brrrrrr.


On our last ride, my feet were still chilled. Today I put an exothermic  toe-warmer patch under the ball of each foot. That along with a pair of liner socks and a pair of ragg wool socks…. inside my winter riding shoes with Sugio thin booties on top. Believe it or not, my feet were comfortable — not the least bit too warm! These toe warmers are a must. I plan to use them on any ride where the temperature is expected to dip below about 35 F degrees.

Looks cold, doesn’t he! He is. His smile is actually frozen in place. I think we both would have been happier if the sun had come out. It was overcast for most (if not all of) the ride. In Colorado, the sun makes all the difference. By the time we got close to home, Dave said that he couldn’t feel his feet anymore….or his calf muscles….and that his knees were starting to go numb too! You gotta know that hot shower felt good (after everything started to thaw, that is).

This is Dave — I think he’s smiling, but I can’t be sure. Don’t you just love those ski gloves!?