Daily Archives: July 5, 2011

Day 5 – Copper Mountain – Rest Day

We woke up at a reasonable time and wandered back to the same restaurant that we ate at last night. Claudia and his uncle waited on us again. They were happy to see us return. We were the only people in the place. Heck, it seemed like we were the only ones at the entire resort. Very nice!

After breakfast everyone went their own way. Some folks rode up the ski lift to the summit and had lunch (a mere two hours after they had breakfast mind you!) while a couple of others (Joe & John) rode up Vail Pass to the Shrine Pass trailhead rest area.

Joe is in the jersey with the Canadian maple leaf , Beth to his left,  John is in his Shrek jersey and his wife, Barb, is at his side.

David rode in the other direction. He went to the Bike Doctor in Frisco to get a cassette spacer and then on to Breckinridge just because it was there. I stuck close to home. Took care of a few tour related items and visited with folks as I ran into them. Beth, Nancy & I had lunch with John & Barb at Chubbs. Almost got a T-shirt, but at the last minute decided against it. While we were eating lunch it started to rain. I think we may have had sprinkles all morning as it seems like it was overcast and raining on and off all day. It cleared for a bit to allow us all to get to dinner — the it rained again during the night.

Everyone had a great day off. Most of the group looked rested and they are still sporting smiles and raving about the scenery, the weather and the support they are getting on this ride. Personally, I think the altitude is affecting them….

Beth taking a break…

There was supposed to be a water battle at 1pm — but it got rained out. There are lots of activities at the resort — putt putt was one tht almost got some takers too.

This bike is kinda interesting… don’t think it would work out on our tour.

Beth, Nancy and I hung around. Here we are about to have lunch – we ended up getting chased in by the rain. I was glad to see the rain — better on a rest day than a riding day.

At dinner, there were several Guiness beers consumed. They apparently went well with the shepard’s pie. Nancy wanted me to be sure to show “my Beth”¬† and her husband, Dave this photo…. notice the smile!

On the way back to our room after dinner, Leo felt compelled to sit in the big chair too. However, it had been raining all day, so his behind was a tad wet when he got out of it!