Daily Archives: November 26, 2009

Lots to be Thankful for!

Today is Thanksgivings Day. A glorious day indeed. There was almost no wind to speak of and the temperature was very mild –  in the upper 40’s when I departed for Becky and Margaret’s house for our traditional Thanksgivings Day dinner around 10:00 am this morning. They live 35.3 miles away in Thornton which is very close to where I work so I rode my commuter route most of the way and modified the last couple of miles. There were a surprising number of other cyclists out riding. I wondered how many were making their way to dinner as I was. It took me just shy of 2 hours and 15 minutes to cover the distance (ave speed of 15.8 mph, ave HR 130) and I figured although I’m sure I ate more calories than I burned on the trip, I could eat my meal guilt free as I had done my best to pay for the calories before I sat down to the table this afternoon.