Daily Archives: March 6, 2010

Wanted: 48 hour days!

Am having a “time crisis.” I only have 24 hours a day but activities that require at least 36 hours, preferably 48. Does anyone have hours to spare? I’m in the market.

I did get a ride in today — but now I’m behind on other stuff. So, my compromise is to give just the details of today’s ride now and if/when I get caught up I’ll come back and fill in the “color commentary.”

I discovered ‘Garmin Connect’ yesterday — so I’ll include the link to today’s ride and see if that works. If it does, this could be very handy on the xc ride!


Today’s ride left from home, went via the Hogs Back to Masonville. Then on up to the Open Space park at the top of the hill above Horsetooth Resevoir. The twist today was, instead of doing an out-‘n-back, I continued over the hill to the western edge of Ft Collins. I turned south on Taft Rd, almost got blown off the rolling hills that go by the dump/recycle center but managed to stay upright and on pavement. The last stretch took me through Loveland and then onto familiar territory of CO 56.

I had a steady wind out of the east (or northeast/southeast) that never left my side. My route was predominantly north/south so it was also a hinderance, rarely a help. As a result, I exerted quite a bit of energy to keep my pace. My legs feel it, and I took a nice nap after the ride to let my body recover. Ahhhh…. there goes one of my 24 hours (but I think I invested it well….we’ll see tomorrow).

I’ll put the stats here even though some of them should be available via the link above:

Todays Stats: (From the Garmin, ODO from my Vetta bike computer)
Distance:  48.9 mi
ODO: 963
Ride Time: 3:06:43
Ave Speed: 15.7 mph
Max Speed: 35.3 mph
Elevation Gain: 2940
Elevation Loss: 2998
Est. Calories: 2437
Ave HR : 125 bpm
Max HR: 153 bpm

Z1 (< 103): 5:32  for  1.7 miles    (coasting all the way!)
Z2 (< 120): 37:41  for 12.1miles
Z3 (<137): 1:52:08 for 29.8 miles
Z4(<154): 33:48  for 6.2 miles
Z5(<171): 0:58 for 0.1 mile