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Lactate Threshold / Fuel Usage Testing

Today was awesome! I had a lactate threshold and fuel utilization test done at the Boulder Sports Medicine Center in Boulder. I will write more about the theory behind the test but here are my results:

The lemon/lime colored bars on the graph represent the number of kilocalories that I burn of carbohydrates (green) and fat (yellow) at the different workloads (or levels of intensity). This is important information for my trip because I will need to be replacing the carbohydrates at approximately this rate throughout the day so I don’t bonk.

┬áThe lactate threshold (LT) information, which is one of the main things to take away is in the little box at the bottom left. My power at LT was 175 watts, my heart rate was 157. At 160 lbs, this translates into a Watts/Kg of 2.4. This value is comparable to that of Cat 4/Cat 5 female cylists…. and not “senior” cyclists like me! Maybe there is racing in my future?