Daily Archives: April 25, 2010

And still MORE Wind.

OK, now this is getting a bit old. I’ve had plenty of proving to myself that I can ride in the wind so turn the wind machines off and let’s try some other weather feature (please, no hail or lightning!).

Rode towards Horsetooth Rez via Glade Rd. I was a little tired, and the saddle on my track bike left me a tad tender on my sit bones. Scooter’s saddle is just about as perfect for me as I can imagine. When I ride something else, I can get a bit tender, but so far, when I ride the Bontrager saddle that came with Scooter — life is GOOD!

Nothing much to report other than I’m back in the groove. Have about 450 miles in this month so far and hope to go over 500 before the end of the week (and the month). That will be the most I’ve ridden in a month in a very long time. May have to go back to one of the Ride the Rockies years or even back farther to tours in New Zealand to get more miles than that in a month. Hmmmm. Pretty soon, that will all change!