Day 4 – Staunton – loop ride

Today we rode another loop – I really like staying at the same hotel for two nights. Especially when they are as nice (and fancy) as the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton! There was a long and short option again today. I was undecided as to which ride to do so I brought both maps, but when it came to setting up the routing in my computer, I selected the long ride. You can tell which way I was leaning, eh?

More rolling hills, more green pastures and farms as we rode along the back roads outside of town. The extra 9 mile segment that the long ride included was some of the nicest riding we’ve done so far. The hills were a bit mellower and we rolled along with a nice tailwind much of the way.  I should’ve save my sunblock lotion for another day — it was overcast with low, threatening clouds all day. I wore my bootie covers and apparently that protected us against any downpours. We managed to get to the hotel dry again.