Daily Archives: September 9, 2009

When Riding is Effortless

Wednesday, Sept 9, 2009  (a.k.a. 09-09-09)

Today I had the kind of ride you can only hope for. It was a relatively short after-work ride but it felt effortless. It didn’t seem to matter whether there was a head wind (which there was), a long grade or a short climb. My body and Scooter were in synch.  I was covering a lot of ground quickly yet didn’t feel like I was exerting. My heart rate did not soar and my breathing was not labored. The pedals spun around and even riding out of the saddle felt comfortable and almost easy. I only wish I could capture the essence of my ride today and store it in a vessel on the shelf to draw on another day. Who knows how long it will be before I have another one that makes me smile all over inside.  Thanks Scooter.

Stats for the ride:
Rode with Dave N.
Ride Time: 1:18:49
Distance: 20.2 mi,
Description: minimal elevation gain. steady wind out of the NW
Average Speed: 15.3 mph, Max: 32.7
Average HR: 124 Max HR: 157, WLI: 765
Zones: (1) 28%, (2) 31%, (3) 19%, (4) 20%, (5) 1%
Odometer: 431