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Photos from Carter Lake Ride

I’m writing this post a few months after the ride. Somehow I got too busy to deal with the photos so put it off. Even now, some 4 months later, I vividly remember the ride though. It was planned as a recovery ride — after a hard “reverse hogsback” ride the day before. It was also the first ride with Scooter where I carried a small camera (Canon  PowerShot SX200-IS).

When compiling a list of things I need to do in preparation for the cross country trip, I should have included becoming comfortable carrying and shoting photos while riding Scooter! Thinking back to my other long tours,  I think I’ve always carried a camera but this might be the first trip with a small point-and-shot style camera. I know on all my 1980 and 1990 trips I carried a Minolta SLR and shot slides. I may have taken a smaller Olympus digital camera to Alaska and France. Technology certainly has come a LONG way since my first tours!

I don’t have the stats for this ride anymore — but it was a nice, moderately paced climb up the front side of Carter Lake. Here are some of the photos from that day –

Scooter's Cockpit
This is where all the wonderful data comes from!


Farmland at the base of the foothills

These farms dot the landscape along the approach to Carter Lake.Scooter casts a long shadow with the low fall sun.Scooter casts a long shadow with the low fall sun.

Sandy and Scooter casting a long, fall shadow

Scooter casts a long shadow with the low fall sun.

Share the Road Sign

This "Share The Road" sign was designed by my friend, Barb who I rode with in New Zealand back in 1984-1985.

Approach to Carter Lake

The fall colors of the high desert are everywhere as you start the climb to Carter Lake.

More Fall Colors

Another shot of the fall colors at the base of the climb up to the Carter Lake Dam.

Carter Lake - taken from the dam

A nice shot of Carter Lake taken from the dam at the southeast corner.

The shadow rider returns

Another shot of the "Shadow Rider" on the climb up (or back down?) to Carter Lake.