Weight vs Body Comp

On February 8th my body composition was 34.6% fat. Today, almost 3 months later, I was retested. The results were very encouraging. My weight was EXACTLY the same, but my body fat has dropped to 28.1%.  My BMI dropped from 27.2 to 26.8.

That translates into 10 pounds more muscle and 10 pounds less fat!

Now, these tests are not perfect — but even if you allow for human error in acquiring the measurements — this was a significant change for the better! And, my weight didn’t change at all !! Kinda wonder if I should just throw my bathroom scale away. Might not be such a bad idea.

I’ve always felt that weight is a poor indicator of fitness (clearly within reason) and today’s test results seem to support that belief. Before the calipers even touched me I knew that my body had gotten leaner. I can feel it when I ride and in the way my clothing fits.

There is still lots of room for improvement. I’ve got 6-7 weeks of training left and I hope to continue this trend. Although it would be nice to drop a few pounds so I don’t have to carry them all the way from coast to coast — I won’t mind so much if it is muscle weight instead of dead weight!