Daily Archives: May 2, 2021

Virginia Capital Trail

A new state today. Virginia.

Today’s ride is along the 52 mile Virginia Capital Trail. A multi-use path that we picked up in Richmond and rode towards Jamestown and Williamsburg to the Chickahominy Riverfront Park where we are camping for two nights.

Randy and I drove after dropping the others off at the start of the bike path. We parked about 25 miles up the road and worked our way back to them.. We had the headwind and the uphill grade so got the better workout. Once we all met up, Randy and I turned around and we all rode as a group back to the vehicles and repeated the process. This time, Randy and I drove all the way to our campground and then started back to meet them. We’ve finally started to see a few undulations and even a short climb/descent. No longer on the absolutely flat terrain of Florida and the more southern states. But, neither are we right along the coast at the moment either. I enjoy riding on the wooded paths and appreciate the shade provided by the timbers. It reminds me very much of my youth in Connecticut and other parts of New England. As much as I love living in Colorado — I do, and will forever, miss the forests and wooded areas of the east coast.