Daily Archives: May 16, 2021

Lebanon Valley Rail Trail & Conewago Rec Trail

Today was gorgeous –but then again, most days have been gorgeous! A tad cool when we started but it warmed up nicely as we rode along.

I imagine the photos are starting to all look the same — the trails are so similar that I’m having trouble remembering which one is which.

What made today’s ride remarkable were 1) the signs identifying species of trees (in English and in Braille) that were done as an Eagle Scout project and the huge number of benches that dotted the trail. It seemed like there was a bench sponsored by a local business or individual about every 100 yards for a much of the early part of the trail and we saw benches the entire way. Nice to see that kind of support. Made me wonder if the trail users need to step up their fitness programs so they can walk/run/bike a little further and not need so many places to rest! 😉