Daily Archives: September 4, 2010

Left Hand Canyon – with Beth Laber

Garmin Data:  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/47578833

Beth Laber, a fellow America By Bicycle rider, and I rode up Left Hand Canyon this morning. We didn’t start as early as we did on the cross country ride, nor did we have breakfast together but in a lot of way it DID feel like we were back on the ride. We swapped stories….well, actually I shared most of my stories at the lower elevations where the grade was a little gentler. Beth was able to chat and tell stories most of the way up the climb. Only when the grade got up over 5% and 6% did she sound the least bit winded. Of course, by that time we were also at over 8,500 ft, so I’m sure that was a factor too!

I love this ride. I’ve done it many times and it is always a challenge for me. And, every time I crest the last climb and poke out onto the Peak-to-Peak highway I have an incredible sense of achievement. It is one tough finish. Two or three miles from the top, the road rises sharply. Today, I saw 16% and 17% flash on my Garmin. Again, add in the fact that we were up over 8,500 ft and it starts to sound like the day we tackled Teton Pass!

Here were both are at the Peak-to-Peak highway. Notice¬† that you can see ‘tree line’ on the peak behind us.

As if one good climb was not enough. On the way back down, we took the Jamestown spur. It has been quite a while since I’d been up there and, quite honestly, I had totally forgotten what the ride was like. It was a steady climb (big surprise, right?) so I was happy. Beth and I both commented on how it was deceiving how steep and long the climbs today were. Only when we turned around and started descending was it apparent JUST how much climbing we had done. LOTS! The down hill was very rewarding. All down hills remind me of my friend Leo now. He stuck to his story on the ABB ride — he would tell anyone within earshot that “I’m only in it for the downhills”. Leo, you would have been VERY happy today too!

Jamestown — it takes a certain kind of person to live in these small (tiny!) mountain communities. You might say I “found the Lord” here. Scooter found a new way to hang out with other bicycles and even the port-a-potty had its own local charm.