Daily Archives: September 24, 2010

First Fall Commute

Rode home today. No computer data. For some reason, I have a difficult time remembering to disconnect my Garmin from the computer and grab my Vetta C-16 and camera when I pack up my cycling gear. One of these days I’ll get my act together.

Just for the record though — I rode approximately 33.7 miles today with about 800 ft of elevation gain.

I did have Scooter’s headlight with me. That was a good thing. Not sure whether I’d need it or not, as I was deciding to make a run for it this afternoon, knowing that I’d have a light if I got caught out in the dusk/dark tipped the scales in favor of riding.

Maybe it was having a few days off or maybe it was the ideal riding conditions — today’s ride was very enjoyable and the entire way┬áI felt like I was moving right along. Although I didn’t have a computer, I did have my iPhone so I know that I left work at 4:45 pm and arrived home at 6:41. That was total time — not “moving time”. If I figure 10-15 minutes spent waiting at lights — then I made REALLY good time. Sure wish I’d remembered the computers. UGH!

The sun was setting right as I came up our street. Within a half hour it was already getting noticeably dark outside. Amazing how quickly the sun sets now. Twilight lasts about 10 minutes! I turned on the headlight about 30 minutes from home and I ran with my red-blinky-taillight for the last hour or so. I didn’t need the headlight to see by — but I used it so I could be seen better. Dusk and dawn are the most dangerous times to be a cyclist. And, there is a several mile stretch where I ride west, right into the setting sun. I KNOW that it is difficult for drivers to see cyclists when they are looking right into the sun — and that’s if they even think to look for us!

I’ve been trying to think of an alternate route that might offer me a little more road shoulder than Cty Line Rd (which has virtually no shoulder in spots). So far, I haven’t some up with anything significantly better but I’ll keep thinking and exploring.