Basketball anyone?

Cold and raining on and off. Good day to do laundry and hang around camp. There are so many nice days to ride that I don’t mind taking a break when the weather is kinda yucky. Leo did some bike maintenance and raised Beth’s handlebars up some in an attempt to relieve pressure on her neck and right shoulder.

Beth convinced Randy and me to join her at the basketball court for a game of ‘Around the World” and “H-O-R-S-E”. It was hysterical. Here we are, all over 60 years old, playing like we are still in our teens. Clearly our minds remembered how to play….. our bodies on the other hand struggled to make the moves of our youth. It surprised me how well we did! Our shots dropped and the net ‘swooshed’. I think about my parents and how they would never have even attempted this when they were my age! How times change….

The best part is — no one got hurt. No twisted ankles, no falls or broken bones. Fun was had by all…. and I lost both games!

Beth used to do this approach to the basket for a lay-up that entailed some pretty fancy ball handling. She demonstrated the moves and then tried to get Randy and me to do the same. It was not happening — but we laughed so hard I thought we were gonna pee our pants!!! Feels good to be ‘young at heart’ …