Exeter Snowmobile Trails

After my wonderful visit with Sara over in Wilton, a bike ride through the woods sounded great. The local bike paths were multi-use and from the signage primarily for winter activities like snowmobiling and xc skiing. I had my wider off-road tires on my Niner gravel bike so I was sure I could handle the terrain.

It was a lovely wide path and early on we rode by a beaver pond and to a railroad museum. Of course, it wasn’t officially opened yet — everything in this neck of the woods is waiting for Memorial Day. I’m fine with that since that also means less crowds!

There are many, many homes, meeting houses and businesses housed in homes dating back to the 1800s (perhaps even the late 1700s). I love this architecture and I will miss it when I return to Colorado.

On our way back towards the campground, we stopped at a local art gallery and struck up a conversation with one of the artists. Her work spoke to all of us — but two pieces were particularly moving to Beth and Leo.