Ride to beat the sunset!

Garmin Data: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/48336677

Got a late start, mounted Scooter’s headlight. Wore reflective vest and ran my rear blinky light. The sun was behind the hill as I approached the “dam” climb so turned around at the ranger station. Would have had a personal best time, but rode slowly for about 5 minutes looking for a lip balm I dropped on Monday. Found it — but it had been run over, so of no use to me anymore.

Turned out I probably didn’t need the headlight to see by, but I appreciated the fact that on-coming cars could see it and knew that I was out there. Visibility is key for me. Besides riding predictably and assertively (e.g. taking the lane when appropriate) being seen is the best way to stay safe out there. That is especially true in low light situations. I’ve always felt, and perhaps even heard, that dawn and dusk are the two most dangerous times to be on the road.

I needed today’s ride though and I’m very glad I was able to squeeze it in. I rode hard and afterwards I wasn’t antsy anymore. Nothing like a good sweat to calm a person down.

The century ride that Boulder Beth and I are signed up for was canceled today because of the wildfire that has been raging west/northwest of Boulder. I believe it was a combination of the route being too close to the fire crew’s staging area and the fact that all police resources are needed to enforce road closures and help with evacuations and such. Makes sense to me. Maybe Beth and I will do our own century — or at least ride together.