Tar River Greenway

As always, the day starts with Leo working on processing his photos and trying to make headway on his blog. I think he is only about a week behind now! This morning, Fat Stanley, came out of Buster to see if he could help Leo in some way.

This was our last day riding in North Carolina and we took a combination of back roads and bike trails following along our now familiar Hwy 17.

I saw two community supply boxes today — one was right on the bike path at a ‘trailhead’ parking area. The other was in front of a church in one of the small towns we rode through. Each was filled with staples a person or family might need to put a meal on the table or to feed an infant. It was heartwarming to see. The fact that there is this level of need in our country in this day an age is also very upsetting. The pandemic has added additional stress and increased the need even more. Glad the boxes are there but sure wish they weren’t needed!

I love the swampy areas even though I would never venture into them! I imagine they are full of all sorts of swamp creatures, man-eating amphibians and the bottoms are likely so soft that I’d be up to my waist in mud after a singe step into the murky waters. Beautiful to look at though….

When we all met up after the morning portion of the ride our day took an unexpected turn. While backing out of the parking area (the one with the supply box) Saddie hit a small dirt berm. The berm did not give way, but the little stabilizer foot under the rear bumper on the driver’s side did and got bent underneath a little. UGH! Randy is a handy guy though and he headed off to a Walmart nearby to use the parking lot as a mechanic’s mobile garage. Several local folks stopped by to offer help and one fella stayed and worked with Randy for at least an hour or so! Nice folks down here! They were able to get the metal bent back enough that it is functional and so that the sensor (tells you if you’re driving off with the stabilizer down…) would not blare continuously.

We stayed at Stark’s Family Campground and were met by Bob Jr at the entrance on his trusty golf cart. I wish I thought to snap shots of all the different ones that I’ve seen from the start of the trip. We’ve seen many more golf carts than bicycles — that’s for sure! And, IMHO, many of the folks using the golf carts would be much better served if they got themselves a bicycle or a tricycle instead!!! Anyway, we had a lovely, albeit super windy, site near the river.

Here are a few shots from down by the water…