Work to Starfire Farm

Rode home from work today. No Garmin data though. How quickly our ‘good patterns’ can be broken when we return to our ‘normal’ grind. While on the ABB ride, I plugged the Garmin in every night to charge up. It was the last thing I’d do before going to bed. Make sure three things were charging — my phone, my camera and my Garmin. WhenI went to turn the Garmin on today, it had almost no charge at all. UGH!

Luckily, I still have my trusty ‘old’ Vetta computer mounted as well. Here’s the basics from the ride home:
Distance: 34.0 miles
Average Speed: 17.1 mph
Max Speed: 33.1 mph

I felt awesome and this time represents a new personal best – I think I have one time that might be a minute or two faster, but I remember that day and there was a kick-ass tail wind the entire way. Today, it was either calm or I had a slight headwind. No help at all from a tail wind! I went up hills aggressively and never had to sit up and ‘spin’ to make it to the top. I just chewed them up.

We’ll see how I feel riding back in tomorrow…