Daily Archives: April 4, 2021

Driving to the start, half way there

I can’t think of any part of the country that I’ve ridden or driven through that is as flat, dry and, other than wind farms, empty than the path cut by Rte 287 from eastern Colorado the the Texas panhandle. I’m thankful for the podcasts and Pandora music application on my iPhone that kept my mind occupied as the miles ticked by.

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The first night we stayed at a small RV park right off the highway. It was definitely not a destination. I imagine most of the other patrons were staying one night and moving on just like us. There was a very cute cat though…. and I would have considered staying a bit longer to visit with him.

Clearly this cat was in charge!

There was one camper that looked like it might’ve been there for a while — and might stay a while longer too!

Judging by the skirting — weekly or monthly rental. Nice!

I drove Buster solo the entire way and Randy and Beth took turns driving Saddie. The highlight of the first two days were the fuel (can’t say ‘gas’ because we’re both diesel vehicles!) stops and meal breaks. I must admit, we had some of the best homemade Mexican tacos and burritos imaginable and today we stopped just before crossing from Texas to Louisiana for crawfish and red snapper. Oh, baby that was delicious!!

A few crawfish – rip their heads off and eat their tails. YUMMY

Last night we stayed in Austin, Texas at Sue and Leo’s house.

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Leo recording our arrival

Sue prepared a hearty soup, baked salmon and homemade bread. We ate out on their circular drive where they have been entertaining friends and neighbors for the past year during the pandemic. As all of us have been vaccinated, we opted to visit and eat without masks. It was the first time Sue and Leo had anyone else in their house, and we all celebrated how much things have changed recently.

Randy and Beth enjoying the feast Sue prepared for us
Sue and Leo hosting us at their outdoor patio (a.k.a circular driveway!)

I had hoped to get on the bike today to at least spin out my legs. It’s just not meant to happen. We’re at Lake Charles, LA at the A+ Motel and RV Park. Very nice spot but on a busy 2-lane road that is the only option. Too busy and no shoulder. To me that’s not much of an option.

The critters here don’t look anything like the ones I left behind in Colorado!
Home Sweet Home, Sulphur, LA