Daily Archives: April 23, 2021

Savannah, Georgia

Today was another day off the bike — mostly because Georgia is not very bicycle friendly. The road the East Coast Greenway suggested route is along busy Rte 17. There is only a narrow ‘bike’ lane with a wide rumble strip taking up most of it and positioned at the far side of the space which forces cyclists to ride even closer to the traffic zooming by at 60 mph. No thanks!

No problem, Savannah turned out to be a fun city with a tour trolley! We rode the trolley for an hour and a half and were treated to a historical narrative and a view of all the city squares (there were numerous!). I wish I had started today’s photo project earlier — but what struck me today was the variety of window designs. There were many, many more but once we got off the tour I snapped these shots of buildings near the City Market where we had lunch. All these different windows were within a block or so of where we ate.

Here are some other photos from our tour and walk around town — I could easily have spent another day or two here exploring. The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is located here. I, of course, had never heard of the college before. That is, until the night before we arrived when a co-worker posted that her daughter was accepted and would be attending. What a coincidence!

Of note was one business, a cat cafe. It teamed up with the local Humane Society and there were kittens and older cats inside to keep you company (and be adopted!) while you enjoyed your coffee. I couldn’t go in. I would have come out with at least a half dozen cats!!!

And, I saw a couple of horse drawn carriages — always bring a smile to my face.

Our campsite is out on Tybee Island — at the only campground. It is a lovely city-owned campground near the lighthouse and beach. We took a stroll down and got to see the Battery as well. On the way back Randy spotted a Mullberry tree. Those berries were delicious on our ice cream after dinner…