Daily Archives: April 17, 2021

You’ve got mail!

More riding on route A1A again today. This road runs right up the coast of Florida. Often it goes east of the mainland onto slivers of land connected only by causeways.

Today was a great day of riding — light breezes in the morning and often it was gently pushing us along. Since it is as flat as a pancake a tailwind goes a loooong way to raising our average speed and saving our energy. Leo rode first and I drove Buster (Randy drove Saddie) to Pelican Island natural preserve. A lovely area tucked back off the road in a jungle of trees. I rode after lunch. The properties along the beach are still very nice, but not nearly as magnificent as the ones we saw down in the Palm Beach area.

I decided to share the creative mail boxes I’ve been seeing the last few days. I haven’t stopped to take photos of them before, but today seemed like a good time to slow down at the end of the ride and ‘smell the roses’. The photos below were all taken within a couple miles of our destination, Melbourne Beach.

There was also one property where the owners seemed to have taken things to an extreme….

Our campsite is right on the beach. We walked along the beach for almost 2 miles to dinner in town. Another incredible dinner — Beth and Leo had octopus, another first for this trip.

And, as we exited the beach we passed a guy with a beach bike. It was a classic — check out that chain!! Bikes by the sea need extra love……

The breaking waves lulled us all to sleep. Waking to a colorful sunrise over the ocean was also beautiful beyond your wildest imagination.