Daily Archives: April 16, 2021

Zillow said that one is $22Million…. that one was only $7.5 Million

As I ride along and take in the views, I notice different things each day. The Palm Beach area was remarkable because of its wealth. We parked right near the water and rode across to a spit of land where there was a wonderful bike path that meandered (perfect for us!) right along the water’s edge.

There were tall privacy hedges protecting all the mansions, the grounds crew was already out trimming the hedges and mowing the small patches of grass. There were Nannies and dog walkers on the path with us and a few joggers and cyclists.

Our morning trail was an out-and-back to the end of this wealthy sliver of land. We noticed a For Sale sign and decided to check it out on Zillow — it was a nice house on a small, immaculately groomed parcel of land. Asking price — $22 Million!!!

Yachts on the water ranged from relatively ‘average’ to huge ocean-going vessels. We rode by a slip where about 20 of them were docked. It was impressive.

At some point in my life, I probably would have taken enjoyment from this — but for some reason, during these desperate times, it just served as a visual reminder of the huge gap there is in our country between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”.

Our afternoon ride took us farther north along route A1A. There were bridges to be crossed, ocean scenery to be viewed, divers practicing at a beach along one of the bridges and even a huge shrink-wrapped yacht. WOW!

I realize that my blog talks a LOT about food — but that’s what you do on a bike trip. You pedal, you take photos and you EAT. Beth found another excellent restaurant — this one offered a blackened Mahi Mahi salad. It was beyond spectacular. In the photo to the right you can see that Leo was the only one who was able to eat the entire dish. The rest of us had our leftovers for dinner !!

I realize that I won’t be able to blog every day — I’m actually writing this one a day or two after the fact. And, you won’t be surprised to hear that I have a hard time remember what we did !!! LOL. Yesterday I rode almost 60 miles (the last 30 into a 90F headwind). It was dinner time when Leo and I pulled in to camp and I was too tired to even think about sitting down to the computer to blog. So, I’ll lump together photos of our last two campgrounds. The first one was at John Prince Park in Lake Worth (next to a 19080s Chinnock camper) and the other was in Fort Pierce last night. Buster camped right next to a 16 year old blue heeler named Murray. Last night we went alligator hunting at dusk. Saw two very little (but fierce!) critters. Had they been bigger I might have had nightmares…