Daily Archives: April 28, 2021

Day off to catch up with Stodi

(April 28) I sent the rest of the group on after Stodi fed us a yummy breakfast of coffee, quiche, OJ, and fresh fruit. Stodi and I made our way to the beach and walked north to the inlet, catching each other up on what’s happened during the last 16 years! I also collected several shells and some coral as we walked. The ocean here is vastly different that the one we saw in Florida — this one is dark in color and the waves are much more active and come in rapid succession. The beach is steeper too which I’m sure contributes to the different look and feel.

I noticed several bike racks with abandoned beach bikes. But then I saw a few bikes at the produce market that were for sale — but looked very similar to the abandoned bikes. Maybe the sea salt and wind just makes ’em all look ‘rode hard and put away wet’.

Anyway, I enjoyed the day off, and I particularly enjoyed spending it was Stodi. Will throw my leg over the bike saddle again tomorrrow…. tonight we eat fresh, ripe, local strawberries again!!!