Daily Archives: April 6, 2021

Three Quick States

We make quick work of Mississippi and Alabama today and ended up in Panacea, Florida.

I can tell I’m not in Kansas (OK, Colorado) anymore, Toto. There are trees, lots and lots of trees, birds singing and chirping all over the place and yes, mosquitoes!

Sign outside a resident RVer – YIKES!

Guess the bugs love all the standing marshes and swamps we’ve been driving past.

Everywhere we look there’s water now!

We arrived at our campground in Panacea early enough to get in a short ride. These aren’t part of the “official” ride, so I guess we’ll put them under “bonus miles”. Normally that category is reserved for miles ridden while lost, but I don’t know how else to categorize our ride today. It felt GREAT. It is as flat as a pancake here and we just rode up and down side streets until they dead-ended at the water. Here’s the sign we saw at the end of each road when it got close to the water….

And, they were serious!

Leo (at the water) and Randy (smarter and a little farther back) ran out of road

Tomorrow we join up with Sarah and soon after we’ll start logging “official” miles.