Daily Archives: April 26, 2021

Biker Bar and Funnel Cake

It’s hard to predict how our days will go. We have to contend with weather, uncertainty with route conditions and traffic patterns since this is all new territory for us. We do the best we can using several mapping applications on our phones and computers along with a couple of good, old printed campground guides. Everyday we also have to decide what approach we’ll use towards moving our 2 RVs along with us. Splitting the riding into two chunks has become our most popular method recently. Today, Leo and Randy drove ahead about 10 miles and Sarah, Beth and I got to ride. The miles went quickly though and before you knew it we were all back together.

All of us rode on from there along a fabulous winding trail through heavy woods. It actually ran parallel to the road but you’d never know it from inside the woods. The trail was full of twists and turns which made for fun riding. We popped out just before Murrells Inlet — a touristy area where we went in search of lunch. Wouldn’t you know it, church was letting out just as we hit town and all those God-fearing folks were heading off for an after-service lunch too! We rode past many large, family-fare restaurants and finally decided to try a biker’s bar that a friend of Beth’s said we should check out anyway. Another positive was we didn’t expect to see many church-goers there. 😉

Our bicycles looked a little out of place parked along side the larger, louder Harley Davidsons — and we stood out as well in our lycra and pocketed jerseys. But, they took our order and we took seats at the outside patio. A couple of bikers who ordered their beers and shots on the patio struck up a conversation and before you know it, Beth was throwing a leg over the guy’s bike….and then he threw his over her bicycle…. it was quite a hoot! Everyone was having fun teasing the other ‘bikers’ and later when the Harley folks passed the bicyclists on the road they honked, hollered and waved!!

I had dropped my front light while bouncing over tree roots in the woods, so Randy and I rode an extra few miles to a bicycle shop so I could purchase a replacement. Then Randy and I rode back to the RVs while Beth, Leo and Sarah rode on to our campground. As seems to be our norm, we all arrived within a few minutes of each other. Our camp site was right next to the sand dunes …. AGAIN. We have had such wonderful sites and this one was no exception. Buster was closest to the dunes and when water started flooding the road in front of him at high tide I got just a little nervous. Apparently, it happens all the time, but doesn’t flood enough to be an issue.

A shack down by the dunes sold Funnel Cakes. I’ve certainly seen them sold at carnivals, fairs and even the Denver Stock Show, but I’ve never had one. That is, until tonight! I am no longer a Funnel Cake Virgin. I was surprised by how tasty and light it was. Ours had fresh peaches on it along with whipped cream, of course.

While on a trip like this, you have to be open to trying new things and having new experiences. Today I did both and lived to write about it — can’t wait to see what ‘new’ stuff is coming up next!!

Randy caught this sunrise when we woke up the next morning — just, WOW!