Daily Archives: April 5, 2021

Edna’s Cooking…

When I started seeing highway message boards flashing a warning about an accident 32 miles ahead I envisioned a long, hot, painful delay. Who wouldn’t, right?

Randy and Beth were in the lead and they took us 2 miles north of I-10 onto a smaller highway 190. We motored along at a fairly good clip for a while but then that too got clogged. Right when we caught up with the backed up cars there was a traffic light and Randy, rather unexpectedly turned right onto a small, single lane road. Turns out Randy didn’t care where it went, he just wanted to turn around. Beth had seen a sign for home cooking and homemade fudge. We were going back!!

The next two hours were a whirl-wind of laughter, excellent food and great southern hospitality. We drove up to a small building with a closed sign in the window and an open side door. Beth got out and inquired as to whether they were open or not. The gal was super friendly but said that they were closed, that she’d taken the entire Easter week off. After a short exchange she said, ‘But come on in, I’ll make you some lunch”. And, for the next 90-120 minutes she entertained us with stories — oh my goodness she could tell stories. And, they came out fast and furious!!! After a short while, Edna called her friend and employee, Caroline, to come by and visit with us too! What a hoot!!!!

In addition to the local color, we were treated to some of the best homemade stuffed green peppers. Unlike the ones I’ve had before — these had shrimp and crabmeat in them. Beyond yummy! And, she sent us away with a big pan of homemade lasagna AND another container of gumbo.

Had there not been an accident for us to avoid, we never would have stumbled onto Edna’s Cooking (that’s the restaurant’s name) or Edna and Caroline. We definitely need to get off the beaten path more!