Daily Archives: April 24, 2021

Fridgid weather (?) and Spanish Moss bike trail

We started the day on Tybee Island — we had a nice break from the heat and humidity. Leo, unfortunately, appears to be cold blooded. Anything below 70F and he’s digging out his winter jacket. He put on his parka this morning before starting the coffee making rituals. He’s sooooo dedicated! It has been fun supporting local roasters…. so far, we’ve had a Key West blend and most recently one from Savannah, GA.

Sarah and Leo wanted to see the lighthouse before we moved on. The East Coast Greenway’s suggested route was still narrow (or non-existent) with a big ole rumble strip down the far side. None of us were the least bit inclined to ride this stretch of road. Randy and Beth did find a nice 10 mile path, Spanish Moss trail that we rode instead. It was similar to the other paths we’ve found in communities lately. It looks like there is a promising trend towards creating neighborhood multi-use paths that are quiet, tree-lined and away from all vehicle traffic. Although we’d really love to see paths that are much longer, perhaps one day that will be the case. For now, we are just thankful for any we can find!

At the end of the trail, I switched with Leo and he rode the next 8 mile segment we found. Randy and Sarah rode both segments today — the second seemed to be very similar to the first. Nice! I drove up ahead a little with Beth to a shopping plaza where we met up with a high-school friend of hers. Arrangements were made to have dinner at a ‘Foodies’ restaurant, CRAVE, near our campground. It was delicious. We haven’t had a bad meal yet!!! And, dessert continues to be a highlight for some…. (can you say ‘Leo’?)