And then there were 5 !!

We arrived in Winterhaven late in the afternoon and were welcomed in to the back yard of Lauren and Jeff Donalson. Jeff is Sarah’s nephew. We were there to pick up Sarah and round out our tour group. Jeff and Lauren’s family grew by about 6 weeks ago — an adorable baby boy named Jacob. He has a 19 month old brother named Jax who is a ball of energy, constant giggles and constant motion.

Jax and his favorite pony
The Donalson’s and Beth helping with Jacob

While driving today the flatness of Florida was so apparent. On the rare occasion that we came upon an incline or hill it was always short and without much elevation gain. I doubt we were ever even 100′ above sea level. I bet the wind will make up for the lack of hills though. I guess we’ll see….

Beth found us another Roach Coach today — this one was serving smoke mullet and a mullet/crab dip along with boiled or roasted peanuts. I didn’t get the peanuts but the fish was incredible.